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MIDI Files for Selected Tuba Solos



Level 1 Solos

Level 2 Solos

Gavotte (Bell) Bouree (Handel/Lamb)
. Gavotte from Hpschd Suite No.5 (Purcell)

Whistling Tune (Barnes)

Hall of the Mountain King (Grieg/Holmes)

Winter Carousel (Bigelow)

Jolly Coppersmith (Peter/Little)


Menuet in G (Bach)


Old Time Theme & Variations (Barnes)
. Russian Medley (Bell/Little)

Level 3 Solos

Level 4 Solos

Aria (Scarlatti)

Allegro by Vivaldi (for Sawyer)
1st part 2nd Part slow medium fast

Auld Lang Syne No Longer in NYS Manual

Largo and Presto (Marcello/Little)

Gavotte Symph 4 (Boyce) 1st Mvt. 2nd Mvt

Honor and Arms (Handel)

Rocking in the Cradle of the Deep

Londonderry Air (Buchtel)

Sawyer's version with Tuba
Mantis Dance (Warren) midi file Sawyer's Accompaniment only
Mantis Dance (mp3 file) for Sawyer ! Sonata No. 7 (Haydn)

Menuetto by Mozart (mp3 file)

Sound an Alarm (Handel)
  Allegro from Vivaldi Sonata No.3 (slow)
  Allegro (medium fast)
  Allegro (fast)