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MIDI Files for Selected Trumpet Solos


scroll down for ensembles...


Level 2 Solos

Level 3 Solos

Cantilena (Handel)

An 18th Century Air
The Cavalier (Shelukov) Air from Suite No.3 (Bach/Beeler)

Fanfare March (Shelukov)

Fanfare March mp3 (Shelukov)

Allegretto by Mozart

Gavotte (Harris)

Allegro by Handel
Habanera (Bizet) Andante and Presto (Telemann)

Londonderry Air (Buchtel)

Anglaise, Minuet & Hornpipe (Handel)
March from Suite No.5 (Purcell) 1st Mvt. 2nd Mvt. 3rd Mvt.
Norwegian Dance (Grieg) Aria (Bach/Nagel) from Cantata No.77
Polovetsian Dance (Borodin) Aria (Scarlati)
Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke) 1st part ....... 2nd part
The Sea (Vizzutti) NIM Bolero (Buchtel)
The Technician (Endresen) Centaurus (Vandercook) Centaurus mp3! (for Ben)

The Technician (mp3 file)

Conversation (Grundman)
Vega (Vandercook) Danse Napolitaine (Tchaikovsky)
The Victor (Endresen) Easy Winners (Joplin/Lamb)
. Executant (Endresen)
. Hippity Hop


Hokus Pokus (Buchtel) NIM


"Old English Trumpet Tunes" (Lawton)


No.1 Tpt Tune ........ No.4 March


No.6 Minuet & Trio ....... No.10 Trumpet Tune
  Punchinello (mp3 file)


Sonata (by Hook)


1st Mvt. 2nd Mvt. 3rd Mvt. (midi files)
  Mvt.1 Mvt.2 (mp3 files) for Griffin !


Premier Solo De Concours (Maniet)


Punchinello (Vandercook)
Punchinello (mp3 file)
. Sound an Alarm (Handel)


Triumphal March (Verdi)
. A Trumpeter's Lullaby (Anderson)

Level 4 Solos

Level 5 Solos

Aria (from Cantata No. 43) (J.S.Bach) Andante & Allegro (Ropartz) - mp3 filesnew1.gif
Caprice (Burke) Andante & Allegro (slow version)

Concert Etude (Goedicke)

Honor and Arms (Handel) Gaelic Suite (Fitzgerald)
HonorandArms.mp3 file 1st Mvt. 2nd Mvt.
  1st Mvt - mp3 file

Mozart Sonatina (Mozart/Ernst)

Portrait of a Trumpet (Nestico)

1st Mvt. 2nd Mvt.

Portrait of a Trumpet (mp3 file for Thomas)

1st Mvt (mp2) 2nd Mvt. mp3 Rondo Capriccio (Fitzgerald)
My Regards (Llewellyn) Sonata in G Minor (Corelli) 1st Mvt
Petit Piece Concertante Mvt.1 (Balay) 4th Mvt (slow) 4th Mvt (fast)
Petit Piece Concertante Mvt2 Slow  
Petit Piece Concertante Mvt2 Fast  
Presto (Telemann) Sonata Movements (Handel/Beeler)
Sonatina (Laburda) 1st Mvt. 2nd Mvt.
1st Mvt.

Sonata No. 12 (Pergolesi) 1st Mvt.

Suite No.1 (Telemann)

Suite (Latham)

1st Mvt. 2nd Mvt. 3rd Mvt.

1st Mvt. 2nd Mvt. 3rd Mvt.
4th Mvt. 5th Mvt. 6th Mvt. Suite in Bb (Corelli)
Suite No.1 (Telemann) mp3s (for Ben!) 1st Mvt 2nd Mvt 3rd Mvt 6th Mvt
1st Mvt. 2nd Mvt. 4thMvt. 5th Mvt  
Sonata No. VIII (Corelli)  
1st Mvt. 2nd Mvt.
Level 6 Solos
3rd Mvt. 4th Mvt. Concerto (Arutunian)
. Sonata (Asafiev)
. 1st Mvt. 2nd Mvt. 3rd Mvt. 4th Mvt.
. Sonata (Kennan)
. 1st Mvt.
. Sonata (Peeters)
. 1st Mvt. 2nd Mvt.
. .


Trumpet Ensembles

Fanfare in C (tpt duet L.4- slow)
Fanfare in C (fast)
Bal by Pezel (tpt duet, L.4)
March by Bach (tpt duet L.4)
March by Bach (faster)
Duet No.4 by Mozart

Duet No.7 by Mozart

Duet No.10 by Mozart

Allemande for 3 Trumpets

Turkish March for 2 Trumpets

Rondoletto for 2 Trumpets

American Patrol (Duet)
Trumpet Tune (Trio)