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MIDI Files for Selected Percussion Solos



Snare Drum Solos
Level 2 Solos
A Stitch in Time
Turbo Tubs
Level 3 Solos
Hot Spot
Power Drums
Ratama Cat
Roller Derby
Time Out
Level 4 Solos
The Peach Grove Drummer (fast)
Peach Grove Drummer (slower)
Click here to quiz yourself on your SNARE DRUM RUDIMENTS and practice TUNING THE TIMPANI at home!


Xylophone Solos
Level 1 Solos
Haunted House
Monster Man
Level 2 Solos
Clownin' Around
Level 3 Solos
Black Bawl
The Entertainer
Sammy's Samba (for Bizzy)
Power Flight (slow) (for Bizzy!)
Power Flight (fast)
Timpani Solos
Level 1 Solos
Rockets Red
Level 2 Solos
Roll Aid
Level 3 Solos
Muffle It (for Sarah !)
Rondola (Brown Solo Timp Collection)
No.8 (Whaley Audition Etudes Collection) fast
Grand Teton (medium) (fast)
Level 4 Solos
CakeWalk For Kettles (med)
CakeWalk For Kettles
CakeWalk for Kettles (med) w/guitar sound
Dresden Dance
Maverick (Brown STC)
Processional for Two Timpani (Brown STC)
Set Piece (Brown "STC")
Scary Scherzo
Shades (Brown STC)
Slightly Latin
Solo No.11 (Whaley Book)
Level 5 Solos
Caprice (Brown STC)
Fan Fair (Brown STC)
March and Dance (Brown STC)
Timpanietta (Brown STC)
Timpanietta (slower)
Up and Coming (Brown STC)