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MIDI Files for Selected Flute Solos



    Click here to download a Flute Scales Review Page. Mikayla - great idea!  

Level 2 Solos


Level 3 Solos

Aria (Neukomm)   Bergamask (Koepke) Bergamask (mp3 file)  
Ballet of the Shepherds (Gluck)   Canzona (Bertoni)  
1st part Evening in the Country (Bartok)  
2nd part   Evening in the Country (mp3 file)  
Cantilena (Handel)   Magic Flute (Mozart)  
    Magic Flute (mp3 file)  
Gavotte (Gluck)   Menuet (Rameau)  
Gavotte (Gossec)   Menuet (mp3 file) - slow medium  
Mosquito Dance (Mendelssohn)   Menuet (fast mp3) Trio section  
Norwegian Dance by Grieg (mp3file)      
Rosamunde (Schubert)   Minuet (Bolzoni)  
Spinning Wheel (Burgstahler)   Polovetsian Dance (Borodin)  
Two Dances (Beethoven)   Siciliano (Bach)  
#1   Sicilienne (Paradis)  
#2   Sonata in Bb (Marcello)  
    1st Mvt
    2nd Mvt  
Sonata in G min (Handel)  
    1st Mvt 2nd Mvt 3rd Mvt 4th Mvt  
    Tambourin (Gossec)  
    Tambourin slow mp3 file  
    Tambourin (faster) mp3 file  
    Waltz from the Comedians (Kabalevsky)  

Level 4 Solos


Level 5 Solos

Andante Cantabile by J.S.Bach   Sonata No.1 in A minor by Quantz (mp3 files)  

Menuet from L'Arsienne Suite (slow)

  1st Movememt  
Menuet from L'Arsienne Suite (fast)   2nd Movement (slow)  
Menuet & Dance of the Blessed Spirit   2nd Movement (fast)  
(Gluck)   3rd Movement (slow)  
Scherzino by Anderson (acc. only)   3rd Movement (fast)  
Sicilienne by Faure (mp3-slow)      
Sicilienne by Faure (mp3-faster)   Sonata No.2 in Eb Major (Bach)  
Sicilienne by Faure (midi file)   1st Mvt  
    2nd Mvt  
Sonata by Marcello - 1st Mvt.   3rd Mvt  
2nd Mvt      
3rd Mvt   Sonata No.6 by Vivaldi - mp3 files !  
4th Mvt (slow)   1st Mvt. Slow,
4th Mvt (fast)   2nd Mvt. Slow 2nd Mvt. Fast  
Sonata in F Major by Telemann   4th Mvt. Slow
1st Mvt.   4th Mvt. Fast  
2nd Mvt.      
3rd Mvt.   Suite Modale (Bloch)  
Sonata in Bb Major (Telemann)   1st Mvt  
1st Mvt   3rd Mvt  
2nd Mvt      
3rd Mvt   Suite in A Minor (Telemann)  
4th Mvt   1st Mvt. 2nd Mvt
Sonata in D Minor (Finger) (not in NYSSMA manual this time....   4th Mvt  
1st Mvt   mp3 files (for Chelsea)  
2nd Mvt   Overture  
3rd Mvt   Plaisirs  
4th Mvt   Air Italien  
Sonata No. 1 (Handel)   Rejouissance  
1st Mvt      
2nd Mvt      
3rd Mvt      
4th Mvt      
Sonata in C minor (Telemann)   Sonata in G Minor (Blavet) for Chelsea!  
1st Mvt (fast)   Mvt.1 La Lumagne  
1st Mvt Slow   Mvt.2 Allemande (slow) (fast)  
2nd Mvt   Mvt.3 Sicilliene  
3rd Mvt (slow)   Mvt.4 Presto (slow) (fast)  
3rd Mvt (fast)   Mvt.5 Le Lutin (slow) (fast)  
4th Mvt      
5th Mvt (slow)      
5th Mvt (fast)      

Flute Ensembles:

Scherzino Flt Trio      
March in Bb (for Subanky, Megan & Camille)      
Sonata No.2 by Telemann DUET      
Both parts (slow)      
Part 1 only (slow)      
Thanx for the reminder Chelsea...      
Gavotte Stop MIDI Playback Gavotte