November, 2016

Welcome to my "retired" bandsite.

As my students know, I retired in June. A bittersweet thing to be sure. I loved my time in Brighton, at the Twelve Corners Middle School. So many wonderful memories. So many great students. Awesome parents.

I'm going to leave the site up for awhile. I'll track the "hits" I get and decide in a few years whether to maintain. The reason for this is simple. It's still being used by people!

I'm very proud of some of the content on my site, and have found over the years that it is used by many outside of my own school.

I've had emails from as far away as Australia, thanking me for lesson content. I've gotten emails from parents remarking on how valuable the solo pages were for their son or daughter. For those reasons - I'll continue to maintain the site. It does cost about $100 (every 3 years), so I've got a few years to decide what to do next... Just check out my "hits" from this week:

I welcome your emails... any and all. I always love hearing from past students. Thanks for stopping by, and keep enjoying your music!





My last "gig" with the TCMS jazz band, was at the Rochester International Jazz Festival!